skiings not a sport, its a lifestyle.


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'Over time, most people experience life involving love, suffering, compassion, and an unspeakable drive for something new...for me there's skiing, nothing more, nothing less and it emcompasses everything every day I'm out there.'
-Pep Fujas


Skiing is practically my life and looking around livejournal, I've noticed one thing it doesn't have much of, skiing communities that actually are updated frequently. So I decided to create this community.

whats with the name?:

Wondering about the communities name huh? Why call it "PROJECT: no. 053"? Well mainly I was trying to be creative and original. But the real reason is the fact this community in a way is like a project, that is just going to grow and expand (hopefully lol). Also the fact about the whole updating thing (read the silver font). The 53 your asking? Well I don't know I just thought of the number randomly in my head...it sounded catchy.
But this ski community is going to be a lot different than the rest because at least once every week, I will update it with new and good places to ski and summaries of conditions in those areas.


Now I'll stop talking weirdly. Mainly this community is to discuss the sport. You don't even have to ski to be a part of this community. If you are just into making ski movies or pictures thats fine too. It doesn't matter what level you are, whether you have just started and are a beginner or if your looking for your own sponsor. Go ahead and post pictures, links to videos, experiences, anything you want related to freestyle & newschool skiing. Also when you join up please tell others about this community and advertise, it will help a lot. I've supplied banners below.


Like any other community theirs the basic rules, please follow these few simple requests:
-other community promo's and website links are allowed, as long as it has to do with skiing, some form a winter slope-side sport, resort, ect...
-please for lots of pictures or a very long entry save our computers, use a lj-cut
-act like you would act with your parents. well actually please don't act like that but you get the point
-don't piss off people, cause thats just stupid
-advertisings a nice thing to do =)
and yea thats about it. just act civilized for the most part (yea right)...


Oh yea just one more thing...when you first join up, introduce yourself to all of us in a post. You don't have to answer all of these, its just to give an idea of who you are.
[x]whats your name?
[x]where are you from?
[x]how old are you?
[x]skis you have?
[x]how long have you skied?
[x]where do you ski (most often)?
[x]what do you like to ski?
[x]best tricks you can pull off?
[x]any sponsors?
[x]favorite tricks?

peace outt,

your moderator:
newschoolers username: annaSKI
freeskiing username: freeskigrl24


help promote this community, please post these in your userinfo and other places. codes are supplied & all..

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