Michael From the Mountain (zermatt) wrote in project_no053,
Michael From the Mountain

More 2007 skis


Well Atomic is gay, Blizzard is nonsense. Nordica, also nonsense.

The Trouble Maker and Big Trouble are fucking classy. I love them. I may want to buy them just for the graphic alone.

The Elans look terrible. Same story for Fischer. Head has always been a rehash of other brands' older designs so nothing interesting there.. K2 look quite crappy, a shame, because the 2006 models were sharp.

Rossignol. Those scratches that look like womens models look reallty tight, very original, very sweet design. The WRS look decent but nothing too spectacular. The FS is a good looking ski though, a long way from that turquoise contraption.

Salomon, as usual, look crappy and commercial.

Völkl, as usual, have the most innovating designs and some of them are just fucken awesome. These Aura, Mantra and Gotama look brilliantly sweet. Unfortunately the Karma looks a bit crappy compared to this seasons model.
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