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skiings not a sport, its a lifestyle. [entries|friends|calendar]
PROJECT: no. 053

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November 7th, 2006]

hmm this group doesn't seem to exist anymore (a shame) but anyway I posted a report on my trip to new zealand this summer on my blog with lots of photos...

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Humm.......i wonder? [Thursday,
May 11th, 2006]
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soo....i am sitting at my computer looking at some ski stuff wondering if i did the right thing. So long story short i had to resort to my plan "b" for college because plan "a" out not to be realistic for me. But that still sucks balls, cause i am a good mechanic.......but i am not sure i want to do that for the rest of my life.

The more i think about it, the more i think that the only thing i am decent at is skiing. It is all i want to do in life.....and i would do anything to do it everyday. Right about now is when that little inner voice installed in me by my parents says :" How are you going to support your self, or a family.......you can't do that for the rest of your life." But i am thinking that is bullshit......that i can find a way. It might just be the "ski-deprived" part of me talking. Fuck there better be a ski hill in suds....or i will kill my self.

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TGR Films [Wednesday,
May 10th, 2006]


My name is Laurie, and I work for a new company called Instant Media (www.im.com). We offer a free program that combines an all-in-one media player, RSS feed viewer, and media download client. I thought that some of you might be interested in one of the channels we have to offer.

We have a partnership with TGR (Teton Gravity Research) where we provide seven of their full-length movies (including their latest, The Tangerine Dream) to our users for free. Most of them are freeskiing and snowboarding. They're DVD-quality, DRMed video and normally each movie would cost $13-27. And of course, if you love the movie, you can support TGR and buy the DVD!

In addition to the TGR movies, we offer a couple of extreme-sport-related podcasts (as well as about 300 other podcasts and two HD channels). We're also hoping to close deals with a few mainstream media companies in the near future.

I hope some of you give it a try. You can download I'M at www.im.com.The program is spy-ware and ad-ware free and instructions are on the support section of the website if you decide to uninstall but run into trouble (closing the program fully is a little tricky). Sadly, it doesn't work on Macs.

I'd be happy to answer any questions you have and feedback is warmly welcome.

(Sorry if you read this twice...crossposted to _riding_snow_, freeskiers, xtreme_sports, and project_no053.)

Thanks for reading!
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March 22nd, 2006]

Added a shitload of updates to my blog about my exits the past weekends...
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March 5th, 2006]
heyy everybody, its been a while and I've been MAD busy with school and skiing.

hows everybodys seasons goingg?
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March 1st, 2006]

what ski boots are worth getting? i was thinking of the lange crl 80 or 90 because of the decent amount of flex for free skiing but still stiff enough for general abuse, or the comp 100 but the might be too stiff, i have a realy narrow foot

any ideas??
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alex bilodeau [Thursday,
February 16th, 2006]
i just wanted to say, if alex bilodeau had landed his cork 10 cleanly today, he would've had the gold medal. but he didn't, so he will have to wait till 2010 to get the gold in Vancouver. i really wanted him to win though.

also, tomorrow i'm putting down a downpayment for a used pair of either the 04 or 05 Gotamas. they are going for $200, and i need to get some binding for $175. remember this is canadian funds. they are 183, i'm just about 6ft so i should be ok right? i am an advanced skier. they will be my powder skis are big days out west, or if i travel next year or when jay peak gets lots of snow.

peace guys

ski haaaaaaaaaard
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In Tartiflette We Trust [Wednesday,
February 1st, 2006]

It has happened. The legendary sticker has appeared on the X Games podium. This is a mark in history.

Lolo Favre 2nd in the X Superpipe finals, this is amazing. La Clusaz power. French power. Skipass.com power. This guy knows me by name this is so insane, 2nd!!
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January 22nd, 2006]

Massiv upd8 of my blog. With lotsa media.
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sweet [Thursday,
January 19th, 2006]

hottest trick of 2006 so far...


(shot at Tignes Airwaves recently)
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More 2007 skis [Wednesday,
January 18th, 2006]


opinionsCollapse )
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ski injuries [Wednesday,
January 18th, 2006]
post em if you've got em
got some stitches today after a rail bail and i've been working on this thigh bruise for awhile. you can't see how big it is cuz i wanted to edit out my ass, but trust me it is huge and painful. as for the stitches it's only 5 across but it looks pretty sweet for my return to school tomorrow.
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2007 Skis [Tuesday,
January 17th, 2006]

No topic on this yet so..

2007 skisCollapse )
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