Jonathan (reinventingjon) wrote in project_no053,

alex bilodeau

i just wanted to say, if alex bilodeau had landed his cork 10 cleanly today, he would've had the gold medal. but he didn't, so he will have to wait till 2010 to get the gold in Vancouver. i really wanted him to win though.

also, tomorrow i'm putting down a downpayment for a used pair of either the 04 or 05 Gotamas. they are going for $200, and i need to get some binding for $175. remember this is canadian funds. they are 183, i'm just about 6ft so i should be ok right? i am an advanced skier. they will be my powder skis are big days out west, or if i travel next year or when jay peak gets lots of snow.

peace guys

ski haaaaaaaaaard
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